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Prof. Antonio Artigas, MD, PhD

Antonio Artigas is a Professor of Applied Physiology and Chair of Sepsis and Acute Respiratory Failure Research at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is also the Emeritus Director of the Intensive Care Medicine Department at Corporacion Sanitaria Universitaria Parc Tauli. His research interests are primarily intensive care, ARDS and sepsis.

He completed his training in Barcelona University and became MD in 1973 and his PhD in 1992. He then was certified in internal medicine in 1976 and intensive care medicine in 1982.

Prof. Artigas is a member of several societies including ESA, ESCIM, ATS, SRLF (for which he was the vice president between the years 1991 – 1993), CIBERes and past chairman to the ERS critical care group and HERMES respiratory critical care program. He is an honorary member of the European Society of Intensive Care and was a member of the executive committee from the years 1982 – 1990. He is also heavily involved in sepsis research and was a member of the group that wrote the Surviving Sepsis Guidelines.

In addition to this, Prof. Artigas is also on the editorial boards of many critical care and respiratory journals and reviews numerous papers. He has is well published with over 200 articles in both national and international scientific journals and has published 20 books and wrote chapters in various others. He has presented at more than 200 conferences internationally. He has received 50 awards and more than 30 research grants.


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